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Experience unforgettable flair bartending and mesmerizing fire performances for your private or corporate events across Australia and New Zealand. The Bespoke Bartender specializes in delivering high-energy entertainment that leaves a lasting impression.


Mixologist & Flair Bartender Service for Private & Corporate Events: Robbie Stowe

  • National/International Professional bartender & Flair Champion with 20+ years experience in Cocktail Bars and Competitions. A specialist in the following:
  • Molecular Mixology
  • Experiential Cocktails
  • "Working" Flair and "Exhibition" Flair
  •  Complimentary cocktail design and consult for your private or corporate event.


* With the services, you will also recieve 1x Complimentary Fire & Flair Performance, which Includes: 

  • Photo opportunity 
  • Public Liability Insurance, 
  • Fire Performance Liquids, 
  • Flair Bartending Equipment and Fire Safety Equipment

Mixologist & Flair Bartender Service

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