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Robbie Stowe
Jan 05, 2022
In General Cocktail Questions
Who doesn't love a good Margarita from time to time? The quintessential “holiday” drink, a Margarita cocktail instantly evokes thoughts of beaches, sunshine, and "all them tropical island feels". Arguably one of the most popular cocktails to ever exist, and it is no question why, with the balance of sweet, sour, strong and the optional "salty" profile to add to the ever popular cocktail... this refreshingly addictive libation is also a favourite of my own. Using fresh ingredients is always best, but with that, also comes with a cost of means to produce a deliciously balanced cocktail, namely, Time and Money. Who has the time to find fresh limes that aren't at an extortionate price point, or waiting in massive lines at the grocery store or supermarket, let alone juicing one when it comes time to make a Margi. Then there is the making of a Simple Syrup, an easy recipe of 1:1 ratio of Water to Sugar, then the time to make and cool down, bottle it and date it. Easy enough, right? Wrong! It gets easier, and let me explain why. With the boom of E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship during the pandemic, there is a slew of start-up's that have twisted the rubber arms of Margarita connoisseurs and enthusiasts like myself to want to try what they have on offer... A lot of them heat pasteurized and delivering a great product compared to what was previously available only from the USA, but I am yet to come across one as fresh and affordable as the one from The Bespoke Bartender. Based out of Sydney NSW, this new company uses a process of High Pressure Pasteurization or HPP, which is the process of putting tons of pressure on a substance to achieve microbial inactivation, I must also add, The Bespoke Bartender also have a range of 6 other flavours worth mentioning and checking out too. These guys make this it easy to create a Margarita: 1.) 75ml The Bespoke Bartender Premium Margarita Cocktail Mixer 2.) 45ml Tequila Tromba Blanco (Australian Owned)😉 3.) 15ml Triple Sec (Optional) Method: 1.) Rim half of your glass with Salt and set aside. (Margs, Martini, Rocks or Wine Glass will do) 2.) Add all ingredients to a Cocktail Shaker. (You can also a medium sized jar or use the protein shaker you no longer use😅😁) 3.) Add Ice to your shaker and shake hard 4.) Strain into your salt rimmed glass and enjoy!
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